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Inspired by medieval cathedrals, this hand-illustrated deck features gothic details from the catacombs, and beautiful stained glass ornamentations.

Inspired by medieval Nidaros Cathedral in Norway, Revelation is a hand-illustrated deck of playing cards featuring gothic details from the catacombs, and beautiful stained glass ornamentations.

Revelation Deck: Tuck Case

Nidaros cathedral in Norway is a feat of workmanship and dizzying spiritual architecture that once housed royalty. Built over a span of two centuries between 1070 and 1300 by thousands of unnamed hands, Nidaros still whispers with the stories of those bygone artists. It still stands today.

Nidaros Cathedral

It has stood for nearly a millennium through fires and lightning strikes that burnt it down to its stone bones. Even today Nidaros echoes with the mystery of spirituality—with the voices of architects, builders, and seekers past. It defies nature to become a stark, staunch reminder of the glories and follies of man.

Nidaros Cathedral

"The Revelation deck is our attempt to put the power of this cathedral in your hands just as it was once in the hands of our ancestor architects."

Blake Brenneman, Producer of Revelation Playing Cards

In tribute to the hand-drawn blueprints sketched by Medieval builders, Revelation is entirely illustrated with a fine-tipped ink pen and the simplest of universal color palettes:

Crimson as blood. Black as iron. White as virgin snow.

As a crisp, contemporary take on the grandeur of bygone cathedrals, Revelation contains all the opulence of the Medieval church and the minimalism of the workmen and monks who lived their whole lives toiling and never saw the fruits of their labors.

In addition to an original box, joker, ace of spades, and back design—all inspired by cathedral stained glass—Revelation also features fully custom skeleton court cards, an homage to the silent skeletons of Norwegian royalty still resting in Nidaros’ catacombs.

Throughout the ages mankind has stood in awe at the base of creation—whether human or divine—and cathedrals are the only structures to encapsulate both of those reckonable powers. In the legacy of all those builders, thinkers, dreamers, seekers, and artists that stretch on behind us in a trail of forgotten footsteps we invite you to collect your inheritance left to you by your forefathers and use it wisely.

To be printed by The Expert Playing Card Co., the new frontier for high-quality playing cards.

Revelation Deck: T-Shirt

Also availabel is a limited edition printed T-Shirt from American Apparel in small, medium, large and extra-large. Each T-Shirt comes with a FREE deck of Revelation playing cards. Actual T-Shirt may be vary from rendering.

Limited edition uncut sheets of playing cards pulled off the production line right before being cut and boxed. Unuct sheets are fun to collect and make for a great gift too. Each sheet comes with a FREE deck of Revelation plahing cards.

Why Revelation deck needs your support:

Revelation playing cards were independely produced by Blake Brenneman II, who had them illustrated under his direction by Michael Messer. Brenneman reached out to us at DeckStarter to manage the campaign, as well as manufacture, warehoues and distribute the cards if they reach their goal. We're confident they will and are proud to feature Messer's original art on this unique deck.

How DeckStarter works:

Not unlike Kickstarter or other crowd-funding platforms, we use Tilt as a way for anyone interested in seeing these cards printed to contribute by pre-ordering the deck. Backers will only be charged if the funding goal is met. Once it is met, we will then send the cards off to be printed.

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We'll take extra-care in printing these cards, ensuring they're of the highest quality. Our relationship with The Expert Playing Card Company affords us priority in getting these cards printed quickly. We will also ensuring they will be delivered safely and on time.


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Original Tuck Box and Deck Seal: Printed on premium paper, sealed with with a custom sticker (seal) and wrapped in cellopane. (Special printing effects such as embossing and foiling will be used if our campaign goal reaches 125% funding).

Revelation Deck: Tuck Box (proof)

Custom Face Cards: In addition to the back design the Revelation Deck features custom illustrations for the Jacks, Queens, and Kings, the Ace of Spades and two Jokers.

Revelation Deck: Face Cards

To be printed on casion quality paper by The Expert Playign Card Company.

Uncut sheets of playing cards are pulled off the production line right before being cut and boxed.

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Blake Brenneman is a magician and card enthusiast with a passion for old gambling memorabilia and an eye for design. His love of history and theology instilled in him a deep appreciation for the seemingly impossible accomplishments of the human race throughout time. He has an extensive collection of both antique and modern playing cards from hundreds of different designers, and after spending years content simply to seek out new decks, he has created Kairos Cards, a fledgling company specializing in high-quality materials for the discerning card manipulator. Inspired by the Nidaros Cathedral in Norway, Revelation is the flagship deck for Kairos Cards.

Michael Messer is currently pursuing a BA in Studio Art at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. He is well versed in a wide variety of mediums, from drawing to sculpting to digital images. The majority of his works explore the darker side of life: superstition, death, and the supernatural. The images for Revelation were created using both hand-drawn and digital techniques. Both Blake and Michael hail from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Revelation is their first deck.


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